Sitefinity CMS Analytics

You use Sitefinity CMS Analytics module to track your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. The module consists of various reports and indicators that give you statistics for the visits and the visitors of your website, the way they reach it and use it, and more.

To open Analytics, in the main menu in the upper part of the screen, click Analytics.
If you have not set up Analytics, the initial setup page appears. Once you have setup Analytics, the system displays the Analytics Dashboard.

PREREQUISITES: To use the Analytics module you must have completed the following:
  • To perform the initial setup of Analytics, you must have registered your website in Google Analytics.
    For more information about Google Analytics, see
  • To see data in the Analytics module, you must have added and configured the Google Analytics widget. To use the Analytics module, you must have added the Google Analytics widget to at least one of your website pages, so that information can be collected.

NOTE: Because the configuration files, generated by the Analytics module, are from a different provider, they cannot be stored in the database. Therefore, you cannot configure the module after you deploy the site in the cloud. You must do it before the deployment and the files need to be included in the deployment package.

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