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You use tags to filter content items according to some criterion. By clicking on different tags from the list of tags displayed on the webpage, the user can filter the content on the page. You can apply tags both to built-in types, such as news and events, as well as to dynamic types – types that you have created.

You manage tags on the Tags page.
To open the Tags page, in the main navigation, click Content » Tags.
The Tags page appears, displaying a list of all created tags together with actions you can perform on them.

EXAMPLE: If you have a list of news, some of which are news about the weather and you have tagged them with the tag weather, and some news are about the traffic and you have tagged them with tag traffic, by adding the Tags widget to your page, you give the users the opportunity to filter only traffic or only weather news by clicking the respective tag.

To display list of tags on your website, you must use the Tags widget and you must configure it.
For more information, see Tags widget.
For more information about adding widgets on your page, see Add widgets on pages and templates.

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