Add widgets on pages and templates

You add widgets through the editing mode of pages and templates.

  1. To edit the content of a page, on the Pages page, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click the page or the template that you want to edit.
    • Click the Actions link of a page or template, and then choose Content.

    The page opens in editing mode.

  2. Click Content at the top of the right panel.
    The list of widget groups is displayed.
  3. Expand a widget group, choose a widget, and then drag it on the place you want it on the page.

    NOTE: You can drag a widget both inside a page template and outside it. Select a widget and drag it to the desired place. The system shows you where you can drop the widget.

Once you have added a widget on your page, you need to configure it to display the appropriate content.

  1. Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the widget.
    The widget editor for the selected widget opens in Simple mode, showing the current configuration of this widget, and allows you to make changes.  
  2. You can click Advanced in the lower-right corner of the editor to display the full set of configurable parameters for this widget. See Advanced configuration of widgets for details.
  3. NOTE: Some widgets only have a Simple mode.  Conversely, there are widgets that do not have Simple mode so their Advanced mode displays by default.

There are other widget-related actions you can take by clicking More in the upper-right corner of the inserted widget:

  • To remove the widget from the page, click Delete.
    The system removes the widget without confirmation.
  • To 'clone' the widget on the page, click Duplicate.
    The system adds the same widget, under the existing one, and duplicates its configuration.
  • To set permissions for the particular widget, click Permissions and perform procedure Administration: Global and section permissions » Step 2 to Step 4.

NOTE: When you add widgets in a page template, they cannot be edited in the pages that use the template. If you want to be able to edit these widgets directly from a page that uses the template, you must first branch the widgets. To do this, when you add a widget in a template, in the upper-right corner of the widget, click More » Make editable on pages.

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