Case Study

Case Study

e-Commerce Leader Banks on MessageWay® for PCI Compliance

When this large e-commerce and payment processing company decided to consolidate their data centers, they made the decision to also consolidate the number of file transmission systems.

The Challenges

When this large e-commerce and payment processing company decided to consolidate their data centers, they made the decision to also consolidate the number of file transmission systems they had purchased or acquired over the years. Looking to move from a largely unmanaged file transfer environment – where there were more than 200 disparate file transmission licenses in place – to a controlled and secure way to move data both within and outside the company, this customer began evaluating options.

“At the time, we had no ability to view alerts and no monitoring – ‘dial, dump and pray’ was how we referred to it,” says one of the company’s senior IT managers. “We really needed a managed file transfer platform where we would know what to expect and when to expect it, and it needed to be PCI-compliant in order for us to meet the requirements for processing credit card data.”

The Vision

This customer wanted to be able to retire as many of their file transfer products as possible and reduce the number of platforms, directly resulting in cost savings. They were also looking to be able to provide better, faster customer service by setting up parameters for file transfer scheduling as well as system alerts. “We wanted to schedule file transfers as needed, knowing that each file size, type, and transmission protocol can be different,” explains the IT Manager. After several vendors were chosen for a short list of final candidates, an extensive pilot program was begun.

Proof of Concept Allows MessageWay to Rise to the Top

The company performed POCs with several vendors, including Ipswitch File Transfer and the other major players in Gartner’s 2009 Magic Quadrant for Managed File Transfer. All of the companies’ products were stress tested under various scenarios, such as ramp-up time, ease of operation, ability to be configured to meet multiple standards including PCI compliance, and price.

This payment processor installed two MessageWay environments in two separate locations – for load balancing and disaster recovery – and allowed IT staff to evaluate and compare it to the methods and products they were using today. “One of the vendors we were evaluating was never able to get their product up and running in any of the test sites,” says the IT Manager. “With MessageWay, we installed the POC in a day. Ipswitch helped us stand up the system, perform file transmission and left us with a system we could evaluate in 30 days.”

The Solution

“MessageWay provided a the single platform we were looking for, demonstrating its suitability for replacing existing processes, and Ipswitch helped us manage the transition from previous systems,” notes the IT Manager. “MessageWay is easy to operate, maintain, and configure, provides the flexibility to handle multiple secure protocols, and offers a low TCO while giving us PCI-compliant features such as encryption and tokenization.”

“Additionally, MessageWay gives us the capability to perform specific processes within the tool that are not necessarily part of data delivery, since most of our files are now centralized between two data centers,” he continues. “It allows us the ability to interface with many applications that are not part of the core product.”

Putting MessageWay into service also allowed the company to accelerate its data center consolidations – the product is interoperable so there is no need to rebuild infrastructure to support it. The company now has the ability to quickly convert multiple clients from an unsecured to a secure protocol.

“For us, managed file transfer is about monitoring and process,” concludes the IT Manager. “We needed the capability to see instantly whether a file transfer was successful and that it followed the same process no matter what the protocol or application functionality was. MessageWay was

Case Study

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