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Uploading and managing video files happens through the Videos page. To access the page, navigate to Content » Videos. There you can also manage videos and video libraries.


You upload video files from your computer to your Sitefinity CMS video libraries in the following way:

  1. If you have multiple sites, use the dropdown menu in the upper left of the page to select the site where you want to upload video files. For more on multiple sites, see Multisite: Manage multiple sites.
  2. On the main menu, choose Content » Videos.
  3. When your site uses multiple languages, choose the language in which you want to upload the video files by clicking Filter_items (filter) and then open the Languages list in the right panel.
  4. Click Upload videos » Upload videos from your computer.
    The Upload videos page opens.
  5. Locate the videos, select them, and click Open.
    You can select more than one video file.
    The Upload videos page opens.
    For each of the selected videos, you can:
  6. Under Store uploaded videos to, click Edit (Edit) to select the library where you want to store the video.
  7. To upload more videos, click Add   (Upload more videos) button.
  8. Click Upload and Publish.
    If you are using an approval workflow, Sitefinity CMS displays different buttons, depending on the type of workflow that is activated. For more information, see Actions available in a workflow.
    A status bar appears under each video.
  9. If you have custom fields that are required to fill out, the Bulk edit of video properties page appears.
    Fill out the required fields and click Use selected.
    For more information, see Custom fields.
  10. When the upload is finished, click Close.

NOTE: Videos uploaded with the New interface get an automatically generated thumbnail from the first frame of the video.

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