Synchronize custom items

Sitefinity CMS comes with open SiteSync API that you can use to sync custom items between sites. 


This tutorial demonstrates how to sync two folders with files that are on the file system, from the source to the target site.

First, you create a folder, named Test, inside your project’s ~/App_Data/Sitefinity folder on both sites. Then, you sync the custom items between the two folders, using the API. You implement the methods of the ISiteSyncSnapIn interface and register the custom types in Sitefinity CMS.

PREREQUISITES: You must have setup the SiteSync between the source and the target servers. For more information, see Configure the servers for synchronization.


The following articles represent the separate steps from the procedure for synchronizing two folders with custom items from the source server to the target server.

PREREQUISITES: Before you perform the tutorial, in both the source and the target projects, create the folder to be synchronized. Place it inside ~/App_Data/Sitefinity folder and name it Test.

Full code sample

At the end of the tutorial, you can see the full code of the tutorial.

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