Search in Advanced settings

PREREQUISITES: You must have the Search and Indexes module activated.

Enable search in Advanced settings

The search box in Advanced settings page allows you to find any setting that is part of the advanced settings. The search will find the setting and display its exact location.

To be able to use the search functionality in the Advanced settings, you must first reindex the settings content.

  1. To do this, navigate to Administration » Search indexes.
    There is an entry named Advanced settings search that, by default, is inactive.
  2. Expand its Actions menu and click Reindex.
    The operation may be time consuming. While the operation is running, you see the Indexing in progress status in the search indexes grid.

RESULT: Once the reindexing is completed Advanced settings search entry becomes active and you can start using the search box on the Advanced settings page.

Find a setting

To use search, navigate to Administration » Settings » Advanced and in the search box, type your search query. 

The search is case-insensitive and you cannot use wild characters.

The search searches in the following fields:

  • Title
  • Key
  • Description
  • The search query that you enter would return results that contain the query.
  • You see the search results in the dropdown list. Under each search result, you can see the section where it is located.
  • When you click a result, the left navigation tree is expanded down to the result you clicked. This way, you can see exactly where it is located.

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