Headless API samples

Angular renderer sample

After you have set up your Sitefinity CMS instance, you can develop your frontend application. The Progress Sitefinity CMS sample frontend renderer app GitHub repository contains the following samples in the following branches:

  • Master
    This branch contains a starter kit with a blank app, based on the Angular framework. Use it as a starting point for developing your apps when you want full control over the code structure.
  • quantum-landing-page
    This branch contains a sample app with code that demonstrates how to use the Page layout service API to consume and present content and layout. Use it to learn how to build an Angular based frontend app.

You may use these samples to learn the Page layout service API and how to integrate it into your frontend app.

Kendo widget sample

Sample for using Kendo UI with the Web Services and the client SDK for maniging CRUD operations:

Import data sample

Sample for importing data from an external system. The sample provides a user can migrate his content from a legacy or external system into Sitefinity:

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