Entry point and methods

You can use Sitefinity CMS Fluent API by referencing the Telerik.Sitefinity and Telerik.Sitefinity.Model namespaces. These namespaces are defined in Telerik.Sitefinity.dll assembly.

When you want to access the Fluent API methods, you must start each Fluent API call with the App static class.

You must follow the App class with the WorkWith() method or the Prepare() method:

  • The WorkWith() method is used when you use the default providers and you want to get to the specific Fluent API.
    The following example, shows how to create a blog post with the default provider:
  • The Prepare() method is used when you want to get to specific Fluent API, but want to use custom providers for the content types, taxonomies, or pages.
    The following example, shows how to create a blog with a predefined custom blogs provider:

    NOTE: When you want to set a different provider or a different transaction and scope for the database queries, you must always use Prepare(), as in the example above - Prepare().SetContentProvider().

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