Save and discard changes

Each Fluent API call ends up with one of the following methods:

  • SaveChanges()
    This method is saving all the changes in the database - it commits the transaction. This means that you can initiate several Fluent API statements and when you call SaveChanges(), all actions are committed at once.
    There is an overload of the SaveChanges() method - SaveChanges(bool UpgradeDatabase). It is used when you make structural changes to the database. It is required, for example, when you create new data types dynamically.
  • CancelChanges()
    This method discards any actions initiated within the current call.
  • Done()
    This method is  used within child facades. It saves the changes in the current scope, but the transaction is not executed until you call the SaveChanges() method.
    For more information, see For developers: Facades.

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