Access Kendo libraries that are shipped with Sitefinity CMS

By default, Sitefinity CMS ships with a version of Kendo UI for jQuery. This library is used in the default Sitefinity CMS widgets, and can also be used for custom development purposes in the scope of your licensed Sitefinity CMS project. This article explains how to access the available Kendo UI libraries that ship with Sitefinity CMS.

Combined scripts

The following combined scripts can be used to simplify development of your Sitefinity CMS project.

  • kendo.all.min.js
    This library contains a minified version of all scripts - Web, DataViz, and Mobile.
    You use the library in your widgets the following way:

    IMPORTANT: kendo.all.min.js is available in the Kendo UI Complete package. The contents of kendo.aspnetmvc.min.js are not included in kendo.all.min.js. You need to include kendo.aspnetmvc.min.js in addition to kendo.all.min.js or use the custom download builder tool.

  • kendo.web.min.js 
    The library contains a minified version of all scripts from Kendo UI Web.
    You use the library in your widgets the following way:
  • To use combined scripts in MVC, you use the @Html helper methods in the following way:

Use Kendo UI libraries via CDN

The minified versions of all JavaScript files, except jQuery, are also available via CDN, using the following convention:<version>/js/<filename>.min.js


For more information refer to the CDN Services article from the Kendo UI documentation.

Use Kendo UI Stylesheets

Kendo UI requires the following stylesheets:

  • kendo.common.css
    The common (base) stylesheet applies styles related to positioning and size, but which are not related to the color scheme, and are always required for the widget to look properly and function correctly.
  • kendo.[theme].css
    The theme stylesheet applies theme-specific styles like colors and backgrounds.

You use these resources in your widgets the following way:

NOTE: Every time you register Kendo libraries, you add a reference to the jQuery library.

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