Create the evaluator class

After you prepare the project, you implement the evaluator class. The evaluator class is a class that is used to determine whether the current user is a match for the specified criterion.

The evaluator class must implement the ICriterionEvaluator interface. To create the evaluator class:

  1. In Visual Studio, open the context menu of the DayOfWeekPersonalization project and click Add » Class.
  2. Name the class file DayOfWeekEvaluator.cs and click Add.
  3. Make the DayOfWeekEvaluator class implement the ICriterionEvaluator interface.
  4. Define the CurrentDayOfWeek property.
    You get the current day of the week represented as a System.DayOfWeek enum, convert it to an integer number and then return the value.
  5. Implement the ICriterionEvaluator interface.
    The value of the current day of the week is compared with the value that you configure as a criterion. If the values match, the personalized version of the page is displayed. Otherwise, the default page is displayed.

Use the following code sample:

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