Content related settings

Sitefinity CMS provides you with a number of tools and a variety of setting to manage content on your website.

You can address various issues regarding content and deal with them. For example, you can use canonical URLs for content items to address the fact that items are published on many different pages on the site or that your site can be accessed in different ways. You use the canonical URL meta tags to avoid multiple listings of the same content under separate URLs.

You can also work on infrastructure of your site by using the sitemap generator with which you easily create an XML sitemap to inform search engines about your site, its pages, and various content and that they are available for crawling. In addition, you can configure the internal search of your site using search indexes and defining different sets of content to be searched 

You can also configure text field settings, such as to enable character counting functionality or to add trimming spaces in a text field. What is more, you can create and manage your own custom fields to be associated with the content type or page. The field appears in the backend when somebody is creating that content type. The custom field can then be filled out by the creator and then displayed on the public part by adding it to the widget template, which is used to display that content type.

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