Service provisioning


Sitefinity Cloud architecture provides a single-tenant setup for each customer with dedicated infrastructure contained in separate Azure subscription and Azure Active Directory. The subscription contains automatically configured hosting services, such as Application Services, Database, Redis cache, and more, an Azure DevOps organization for your company, and a Sitefinity project.


When placing your Sitefinity Cloud order, you must specify the following project parameters:

  • Organization name
  • Project name
  • Region where the infrastructure will be located

    NOTE: For a list of available regions, see Regional Data Centers.

  • List of emails for users that are to be invited
    This information enables the Sitefinity Cloud technical team to invite these users when the project is initially set. The invited users will get permissions to invite other users.
  • A range of public IP addresses and/or Site Shield setup
    This information enables the Sitefinity Cloud technical team to create an IP whitelist that is granted access to your Sitefinity Cloud environments. The addresses can belong to your organization and any partner organizations that will be working on your project. Alternatively or in addition to the IP allowlist, Sitefinity Cloud environments can be protected via Site Shield, which allows users to access the environments from any IP, but they will need to authenticate to gain access.

This information is used to configure your Sitefinity Cloud tenant space and your first project.

NOTE: You can have more than one Sitefinity Cloud Project, each running a separate Web Application, in your Sitefinity Cloud Organization. You can manage multiple websites from each web application.
For more information about pricing and conditions, contact Sitefinity Cloud Sales team.

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