License management


As of release 13.2.7522, Sitefinity Cloud implements an enhanced cloud-native subscription mechanism. The license file does not have to be maintained, included in the repository, and updated manually. Sitefinity Cloud will read its license data from Azure and will always have an up-to-date licensing information.

Cloud environments

If you renew your Sitefinity Cloud subscription, no action is required on your side. After your order is processed, Sitefinity Cloud will update the license data with the new purchase date on all environments automatically.

Local environment

When you setup your project locally, the license data will also be automatically read from Azure. There is no need for any additional configurations on your side – the license will be configured by Sitefinity Cloud Team. In case, there is Azure downtime or internet connection is lost from the local machine, Sitefinity Cloud will use previously cached license data.


The new licensing mechanism also facilitates Sitefinity Cloud upgrades. You will not need to download and upload a new license for every new version. When you upgrade, the new version will be detected automatically and the corresponding license data will be used. 

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