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You cannot share a page from one site on another, but you can duplicate a page from one site to another. This way you can have two pages with the same content on two different sites. When you create a new site in a multisite instance, you can copy all the pages from another site. For more information, see Multisite: Manage multiple sites.

Duplicate a page from one site to another

If you have a multisite, you can duplicate a page from one site on another site.

  1. Perform the procedure described in the Duplicate pages article.
    In the beginning of the Create page page, the Site dropdown appears.
  2. Click Change and select another site.

NOTE: You can duplicate a page in a specific language to another site only if the other site has the same language set for public content. For more information about multilingual multisite management, see Multiple site management in multilingual mode.

Duplicate all pages from one site in another site

When you create a site in a multisite Sitefinity CMS instance, you can copy all pages, together with their translations from an existing site within the multisite.

You must have the same languages installed on both sites. For more information, see Create sites.

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