Register a new widget in Sitefinity CMS toolbox

To use newly created widgets on a Sitefinity CMS page, you must register them in the toolbox. Once you do this, the widgets are available for drag-and-drop in the page editor user interface.

There are several ways you can register a widget. All of them require a ControlType parameter. The value of this parameter depends on the type of widget used.

  • When registering a custom widget, built into an assembly, the parameter is the fully qualified type name of the widget.
  • When registering a user widget, the parameter is the virtual URL of the user widget.

Register a widget in Sitefinity CMS backend

You can register a widget through Sitefinity’s advanced settings UI or through Sitefinity’s configuration file. For more information, see Register a new widget in the backend.

Register a widget through code using the configuration manager

You may want to register your custom widget in the toolbox through the API, if, for example, the widget is part of a custom module and must be registered when the module is installed. 

To register a widget with Sitefinity CMS configuration manager, use the following code:

In the snippet above, to reflect your custom widget values, you must change the name of the section, the name of the widget, and the type of the widget.

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