Performance Diagnostics module

Once you launch your Sitefinity CMS application, you can leverage the built-in Diagnostics module tools to monitor performance.  Via the module’s profiler tools, you collect diagnostics information and detect potential issues with your application. The module also helps you identify the reasons behind various performance issues, for example, slow page load, and provides you with suggestions and tips on how to improve site performance.

Diagnostics module provides you with:

  • Overview of settings that affect performance and their current state
  • Insights on major performance aspects, based on data, collected by diagnostics tools
  • Diagnostics profiling tools that provide you with performance reports on specific sets of performance indicators

Diagnostics performance data is stored in a dedicated database.



Microsoft SQL Server (or SQL Server Express) 2008 R2 or a newer version.


The credentials that you use to connect to the database must have create database permissions on the database server in order to create a separate database for persisting the tracing results. 

If the user installing the Diagnostics module does not have database permissions, you can do one of the following:

  • The Administrator can create the database for the tracing information in advance and also create the connection string to the database.
  • The user can use the project's default database to persist tracing information. You must also change the Diagnostics module default database connection string with the project's default database connection string.
    We do not recommend this scenario, since the default database will contain trace information and can get very large.

Install the Diagnostics module

  1. In Sitefinity CMS backend, click Administration » Modules and Services.
  2. Find the Diagnostics and in its Actions menu click Install.

You can now access the Diagnostics module by navigating to Administration » Diagnostics.

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