Infinite scroll directive

The sfInfiniteScroll provides you with the functionality for infinite scrolling through items. When more data is required, the implementation of the directive invokes a delegate that loads additional items. This directive can be used as an alternative to paging.

The sfInfiniteScroll is a directive with an isolated scope that is defined in a module with the same name:sfInfiniteScroll. For more information, see Isolating the Scope of a Directive.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to add an infinite scroll directive in a widget designer's view. You can use selectors and directives outside of widget designers.

Add infinite scroll directive

To enable AngularJs to link the sfInfiniteScroll directive in your custom designer view, you must load the script of the directive and add a dependency to the module:
Perform the following:

  1. Sitefinity CMS automatically registers the scripts you need and, if no other designer view with explicitly set priority exists, Sitefinity CMS sets your designer view priority 1. In case you need to have full control over the scripts that are loaded or you want to set custom priority, you can alternatively create your own DesignerView.YourView.json file. If you have a JSON file that matches the convention (even if empty), this automatic scripts registration will not occur. In your DesignerView.<YourView>.json file, add a scripts array.
    Use the following code:
  2. In your DesignerView-YourView.js file, right before the definition of your custom view controller, place the following code snippet:

    The code above generates 20 sequential numbers that are added to the items collection each time the element with an infinite scroll is scrolled to the bottom. 
    In a more realistic scenario, this function can call a service and load data asynchronously.

  3. In your DesignerView.<YourView>.cshtml file, place the following tag where you want to render the sfInfiniteScroll directive:

    NOTE: The height of the element must be limited in order for a scroll to be displayed.

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