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Each content type can be displayed on different pages, which may lead to duplicated content. In general, it is not a good SEO practice to have duplicated content. To solve this issue, the Sitefinity CMS sitemap generator includes a unique content item in a sitemap just once. Thus, when content is displayed on more than one page, you specify which page to be included in the sitemap.

For more information about Sitefinity CMS sitemap generator, see Sitemap generator.

Content items and pages

You choose which page to use in case you have the same content on different pages. For example, if you want to include News content in the sitemap and you want to include the News content displayed on a specific page. To do so:

  1. In the backend, navigate to Content » News.
  2. Under Settings for News, select Pages where News are published.
    You see a list with all pages that display this content item. Move the page you want included in the sitemap to the top of the list. The sitemap generator will use this page for the index.

For more information about how to include a specific page in sitemap, see Include pages in the sitemap.

Multilingual content

The Sitefinity CMS sitemap generator supports multilingual content items, as well. Each URL that is translated to more than one language also includes an alternate link with the language and the URL for that language. For more information, see the schema.

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