Multilingual support for media content

You can have different files per translation for a single media item. To create or edit a single translation, perform the following:

  1. Make sure to use the correct culture.
  2. Get the master version of the media item.
  3. Get a temp version.
    To get a temp version of the media item, check out the master version.
  4. Modify the temp version.
    Upload new file or use an existing file from another translation. Set the properties that you need.
  5. Update the master version.
    To transfer the changes to the master version, check in the temp version.
  6. Update the live version
    To transfer the changes to the live version, publish the master version.

The samples below show how to work with Images in multilingual mode. You can also use the same logic for Documents and Videos. For more information about working with specific media types, see the respective CRUD operations article.

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