Retrieve media content thumbnail URLs

Depending on the use case scenario, you might not always need to load the full media content item on a page, but rather show its thumbnail. By default, Sitefinity CMS automatically generates thumbnails for media content using predefined configuration. For more information see Thumbnails.

You can retrieve the thumbnail URLs of media items using the ResolveThumbnailUrl extension method of the Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Libraries namespace. This extension method is the recommended approach for getting the URLs of thumbnails, as it makes optimized database calls and can be safely used in heavy user load scenarios as well, for example widget templates displaying multiple thumbnails. The method accepts a thumbnail name as input parameter and returns the resolved URL. For example, this is how you can resolve the thumbnail URL of an image:

NOTE: You can get the names of the available thumbnails for a media content item using its ThumbnailNames property. Keep in mind that resolving the ThumbnailNames collection requires multiple database calls, thus if you are making heavy usage of this property it is recommended to cache the results in your code.

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