Assign classes to the body tags of pages using a master page

Use the following example to assign different classes to the body tags of pages using a master page file.

PREREQUISITES: Create custom field for pages and name it BodyClass. For more information, see Create custom fields.


EXAMPLE: For more information about the markup, see BodyClassMasterPage.Master in Sitefinity SDK: documentation-samples on GitHub.

In the code above, you add a CSS class, named bodyClass, that specifies the page background color. Thus, when you enter a value bodyClass for the BodyClass custom field you created, the background color will be the one you specified in the template.


EXAMPLE: For more information about the code-behind, see BodyClassMasterPage.Master.cs in Sitefinity documentation-samples on GitHub.

After you implement the page template and code-behind, you register the files as a page template in Sitefinity backend. For more information, see Apply a template to a page.

For each page that uses the page template, in case you want to change the background color of the page, enter a value for the BodyClass field, for example, blue.

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