Document actions


For each document there are certain actions you can perform. You can open the document actions in the following ways:

  • On the Documents page, select a document and, in the toolbar, expand Actions.
  • On Document properties page, click More options (More options) in the upper-right corner of the page.

Single document operations

With each document you can do the following: 

  • Unpublish the document
  • Schedule publish/unpublish of the document
    Set a date and time when the document should be published and/or unpublished.
  • Embed the document
    By clicking Embed, you can view links and code snippets, which you can use to link or embed the document.
  • Download the document
  • View the Revision history
    You can use revision history to compare all editions of an item. You can revert to a previous version. For example, if you are editing a published document, the system saves a draft of that document, but the published version is still visible on the webpage. To see which version is the currently published one, see Revision history of content and media items.
  • View where the document is published
    To see all pages where the document is published, click Pages displaying this item. The page on the top of the list is the default page. For more information about viewing and setting default pages, see Canonical URLs.
  • View where the document is linked from
    To see the list of items linking to the document, click Items linking to this item
    A list of items appears.
  • Set the permissions for the document
    For more information about permissions, see Permissions.
  • Perform workflow operations
    If you are using an approval workflow, Sitefinity CMS displays different buttons, depending on the type of workflow that is activated. For more information, see Actions available in a workflow.
  • Translate the document
    If your website is translated in more than one language and you have a configured translation service, you send the document for translation, using the More options menu. 
    For more information, see Send items for translation.
  • Delete the document
    To delete a document, click Delete and confirm your choice. The document is sent to the Recycling bin.

Bulk document operations 

On Documents page, when you select more than one document, the Bulk actions dropdown appears in the toolbar. 

Bulk actions you can do:

  • Edit Document properties (bulk)
    You can change the names of the files, their description, and edit required custom fields.
  • Publish
  • Unpublish
  • Schedule Publish/Unpublish
  • Assign tags and categories
    You can assign existing tags and categories or create new ones from the Assign tags and categories to documents page that opens.
  • Move the files to another library
  • Send the files for translation

You also see an indication of how many documents are selected and an option to Select all or Clear selection. 

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