Change password widget

You use the Change password widget to enable users to change their password.

Configure the Change password widget

  1. Place the Change password widget on a page.
  2. Open widget's designer for editing.
  3. Under After change users will be redirected to..., choose an option.
    By default, the Show message option is selected. To open another page after a user's password is changed, select Open a specially prepared page... and select a page.
  4. From the Template dropdown menu, select a template for the widget.
    All Change password widget templates created from the backend and in file system are listed in Template dropdown.

    NOTE: You can optionally customize the default widget template or create a new template for the Change password widget. For more information, see Overview: Widget templates.

  5. To apply styling to the Change password widget, expand More options and set CSS classes.
    CSS classes are applied to the <div> element that contains the Change password widget.
  6. If you created predefined styles, you can choose a style from the Style dropdown menu, which lists your predefined styles.
    For more information about predefined styles, see Add predefined styles.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Publish the page.

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