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Content and functionality of Sitefinity CMS .NET Core pages are defined through widgets. Widgets allow you to design the layout, display static and dynamic content, and configure how you want your content displayed.
For more information, see Sitefinity ASP.NET Core CMS Framework for Cross Platform Development.

The new Page editor has a predefined set of widgets, divided into the following categories:

Layout widget

You use the Section widget to define the layout of the page and, then style it, using paddings, margins, and backgrounds.

Navigation widget

You use the Navigation widget to display your website pages as navigation links. You can choose from predefined styled navigation views – AccordionHorizontalVerticalTabs, or create a custom one.

Content widgets

You use these widgets to display reusable content, which you have created in the Content section of Sitefinity CMS backend. You can display content from the content modules, such as News, Forms, Events, or Images.

The .NET Core content widgets are the following:

  • The Content block widget that you use to create text.
  • The Content list widget that you can use to display content from both static and dynamic modules.
  • The Image widget that you use to display images.
  • The Form widget that you use to display .NET Core forms on your website.

Login widgets

You use these widgets to provide the users of your website the ability to register and log in your site.

The .NET Core login widgets are the following:

  • The Login form widget that you use to enables your website users to log in to your website.
  • The Change password widget that you use to enable users to change their password.
  • The Reset password widget that you use to enable users to reset their password, in case they have forgotten it.
  • The Registration widget that you use to enable your website users to register in your website.

Functional widget

Use the Call to action widget to display a one or two call to action buttons on your page. You can have a button from the primary action and a button for a secondary action.

Form design widgets

These are widgets that you use to design a form. These widgets are not added directly on a .NET Core page, you use them in the Forms module when you create forms.
For more information, see Create and design forms.

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