Read-only mode of configurations

PREREQUISITES: Your system must be in Auto-storage mode of configuration

When the system is in Auto-storage mode, you can further apply restriction to modify configuration files. This is the most common scenario of a production website delivery process.

This way, you make changes to config files only on the development environment. On the staging and the live environment, this restriction should be applied, because changes in the config files in these environments would be lost during deployment process.

What is restricted 

The types of restriction level are:

  • Default
    No restrictions. This is the default value. Ensure that this value is set on your local development environment.
  • ReadOnlyConfigFile
    Restricts writing to configuration files and hides pages from the backend UI used for modifying configurations. Following are some of the sections that are hidden from the UI:
    • Administration » Settings & Configurations » Settings
    • Administration » Settings & Configurations » Version & Licensing
    • Administration » Tools » File manager
    • Administration » Connectivity » Connector for Telerik BaaS
    • Administration » Connectivity » Connector for SharePoint
    • Administration » Connectivity » Connector for Marketo
    • Administration » Connectivity » Connector for SalesForce
    • Settings links on pages are hidden in News, Blogs, Events, Forums, Images, Videos, Documents list, Lists, Web services, Sitemap
    • SiteSync module is not active

Turn Read-only mode on and off

You can do this in the following way: 

  1. Open you web.config file
  2. Add or delete the restrictionLevel in section <telerik> in the following way:
  3. Save and close the web.config.

Override the restriction level

You can override the restriction level when it is turned on, but you intentionally wants to change a config file. Use UnrestrictedModeRegion in the following way:

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