Modules overview

You create content using the Sitefinity CMS content modules. A module represents a backend component from which a user can create, delete, or modify certain types of content items (content types). These content items can have different data fields or implement comments, for example. The content items of a module can be multilingual.

The content you create using content modules is reusable, so other users can view, edit, and publish it. Content items are displayed on one or more pages of your website using widgets. Each content item has a widget that is used to display only that specific content item. For more information, see Content and media modules.

When you publish a content item on your website, users can leave comments and rate it. You can then manage these comments and ratings using the Comments module. For more information, see Comments module.

Customize and create

You can create custom fields to a content item, such as news, events, or images, to add a different than the already existing fields that characterize a content item. In addition, you can customize any of the built-in modules to suit your requirements. The built-in modules provide a user interface for customizations tasks, as well as API.

If you need additional modules other than the built-in ones, you can create them with the Module Builder. For example, you can create a module for creating and storing frequently asked questions or press releases. When you create your module, you can choose what fields it contains. Dynamic modules can have more than one content type and can have a hierarchy. When you activate a module, it becomes visible under the Content tab.

For more information, see Dynamic modules and the Module Builder.

Relate content

Sitefinity CMS enables you to include related content to dynamic modules, built-in modules, and pages. You can relate content to any other content, thus creating complex architectures of structured data that is easily manageable.

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