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In the digital marketing world, having meaningful impact over your website audience is not just about visits and clicks. With Sitefinity CMS, you can analyze the performance of your content not only by counting views of content items but also by measuring their impact on conversions. To do this, you enable Sitefinity CMS to start tracking views and calculate the attribution, that is, the contribution of views to this item to site conversion.

For example, you want to understand whether the Best business laptops blog post from the Laptops’ insights blog series has impact on the business laptops orders conversion on your site. The attribution of this post and blog series gives you insights on whether your content marketing efforts provide the desired outcome. For more information about conversions and attribution, see Conversions and touchpoints.

You then track the impact of these content items and whether and how they influence visitors' conversion rates for different conversions. Having ample marketing attribution reports helps you understand which content items have the biggest impact on conversion rates and focus and optimize your marketing efforts and derive patterns on both the positive and negative patterns and your results.

  • You have enabled Sitefinity Insight connector and have properly configured it. For more information, see Connect to Sitefinity Insight.
  • You have enabled website tracking in Sitefinity Insight.

Content items insights are available only for content types that are supported by the new content editing experience:

  • News
  • Blogs and blog posts
  • Lists and list items
  • Dynamic content types
  • Videos and video galleries

    PREREQUISITES: This feature is available only for the MVC widgets.
    Sitefinity Insight tracks only the first time the visitor clicks the Play button of the tracked video.

NOTE: If you have items in multiple languages, the statistics are collected for all translations of an item.

Once you enable tracking of an item, you can access the report with a summary of the views and attribution of this content item in the content items’ list. You can always dig deeper and analyze the full report in Sitefinity Insight. For more information, see Conversion and attribution reports.

Start tracking views and attribution

  1. In the content items list, under Insights, click Visits and attribution (Visits and attribution) icon.
    The Start tracking views and attributions screen appears.
  2. Click Start tracking.

    NOTE: If you are tracking a hierarchical content item type, such as Blog or Video Gallery, views and attribution are tracked for all items, or posts, under this item.

Within 24 hours when enough data is collected, the insights report is ready for you to analyze.

Insights reports

Once data is collected, you can access and view the Insights report directly form the content list. Thе following table provides you with descriptions of the report statistics and a summary of the performance of this content item in terms of marketing goals.

Metric Description
Unique views

Unique views in the last 30 days
Number of the unique views to this content item in the last 30 days.

You can also see a count of all unique views for this content item since you started tracking it.


This report summarizes which conversion is most influenced by this content item, based on the number of converted visitors. Conversions are ordered by the highest attribution ratio with this content item and the ratio is applied to the period of each conversion.

  • Conversion
    Name of the site conversion, to which this item contributed the most.
  • Converted visitors
    Number of visitors who converted after visiting this content item.
  • Conversion rate
    Ratio between the converted visitors and total number of visitors to this content item.
    Conversion rate = Conversions / Visitors
  • Attribution
    How many times the conversion rate for visitors to this content item is higher or lower than the overall rate for this conversion. For more information, see Attribution ratio.


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