Mark for translation

Select this radio button, if you want to mark the item as ready for translation, but you do not want to send it immediately to the translation service. For example, you may want to send all items at once – in one translation project.

RESULT: When you select this option the following happens:

  • The original status of the item is changed to Marked for translation.
  • The item appears in the Translations module under the Marked for translation tab.
  • If you open the item for editing, a warning appears, reminding the user that this item is already in process of translation.

NOTE: If you decide that an item is not ready for translation, you can revert its original status. Click Administration » Translations » Marked for translation. Expand the Actions menu of the item and select Unmark for translation.

Send for translation an item that is saved as Marked for translation

When you want to send for translation an item that is marked for translation, perform the following:

  1. Click Administration » Translations » Marked for translation.
  2. Select one or more items and in the toolbar click Send selected items for translation.
    If you have not selected any items, you can send all items at once, by clicking Send all for translation button in the toolbar.
  3. Perform procedure Send for translation now.

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