Load custom Kibana dashboards

Kibana comes with a built-in default Sample Dashboard for displaying information and records. You can also load additional dashboard files for custom views, either from local files, or Gist storage on GitHub. Depending on which version of Kibana you are working with,the procedures to load a custom dashboards in Kibana slightly differ. 

Kibana 4.1.2

To load a custom dashboard from Gist, perform the following:

  1. In Kibana toolbar, navigate to Settings » Objects tab.
  2. Click the Import button and select the Dashboards.json.

    NOTE: You can download the Dashboard.json file form the GitHub repository.

  3. Open the Dashboard tab page and from the Load Saved Dashboard button in the top right. side of the screen and select the dashboard that you want to use. 

Kibana 3.1.0

To load a custom dashboard from Gist, perform the following:

  1. In Kibana's toolbar, click the Load icon, then hover over the Advanced option.
  2. In Gist number or URL input field, enter the URL of your dashboard Gist.
  3. To open the custom dashboard, click Get gist:<gist-id> button.
  4. To load the dashboard, click the dashboard name below the Gist ID button.
  5. To save the custom dashboard for future views, click Save icon in the toolbar and then the Save icon next to the dashboard name.

Kibana dashboards shared on Gist

Sitefinity CMS has the following Kibana dashboard files shared as Gist snippets:

Kibana 4.1.2: GitHub repository

Kibana 3.1.0: GitHub repository

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