Duplicate and reuse content within a site

When your site contains largely identical content, instead of creating the content all over from scratch, you can simply duplicate and reuse it. That is, re-purpose the content you already have. For example, you may want to duplicate a news item, in order to reuse the content and properties for a new news item to add to another page of your site.

By duplicating content you create an exact copy, save it with another name, and, if needed, edit the content according to your needs. You can duplicate:

  • Dynamic content items
  • News, list items, blog posts, events
  • Shared content blocks
  • Forms
  • Pages
  • Page templates

When you duplicate content that has a specific workflow type, for example a page, the duplicated page is in the status that corresponds to the status of a newly created item for this specific workflow. For instance, if a published page has a workflow of type Standard lifecycle management, upon duplicating the page, you have the option of saving it as a draft or publishing the page. For more information about workflows, see Set the status of new pages and content items.

Content item fields

Generally, when duplicating a content item, all relevant fields are duplicated as well.

The fields that cannot be duplicated are:

  • DateCreated
  • LastModified and DateModified
  • Owner
  • Id

If the content item has a Related data or a Related media field, they are also duplicated. Once the duplicated content is created, you can edit or delete the related data or media.

Multilingual content items

If a content item or page has multilingual versions, you can easily duplicate the item or page. You just choose from the Languages dropdown menu the respective language version that you want to duplicate. Bear in mind that if a content item has, for example three language versions, you duplicate each version at a time. Once you duplicate all three versions, you end up with three separate items in different languages, not one item with three language versions.

For more information, see Administration: Language settings.

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