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The Create link toolset enables you to place a link in your content to external and internal content. You can, for example, reference another website or direct readers to an email address. In addition, you can link to any page or content within your website, for example, to the Events page, or to a particular News item. You can configure key aspects of the link, such as display text, tooltip, and adding an anchor to a specific place in the website you are linking to.

Once you enter a link, Sitefinity CMS displays whether the link directs to a URL, email, page within the site, or the type of content, for example, document.

When linking to a particular content type, Sitefinity CMS uses dynamic links, so that in case you move the News widget, for example, the link to the news item still redirects to the proper content.

Create links

  1. To insert a link, open the contextual toolbar and click the Create link icon and:
  2. To link to a URL or email, enter the respective link or address in the Link to… field.
    1. To link to a page or specific content from your website:
    2. Click Select page or content button.
    3. Under Content type, select the type of content to link to.
      You can choose from all predefined types of content, apart from content blocks, as well as the custom ones you created in the Module builder.

      NOTE: In case your content is multilingual, you can also choose the culture, in which you browse and link to content.

      NOTE: When working in multisite environment, you can also choose from which site to link content to.

    4. Choose the specific page or content item to link to, for example, Summer events page.
      You can narrow down the list of results by typing.
    5. Choose Use selected.
  3. Next, enter the link text that is displayed to visitors of your site, for example, Events this summer.
    Optionally, to open the page or content in a new window, select the respective checkbox.
  4. Under More options, you can optionally do the following:
    • Enter a specific section in the page or content to link to, for example, Events schedule section.
    • Enter a tooltip to be displayed upon hovering over the link, for example, Summer events schedule.

      NOTE: You can also set a tooltip for a hyperlink to a website or a hyperlink to an anchor in the text.

  5. Choose the Insert link button.

    NOTE: Before inserting the link, you can always go back to the Link to… field and edit the link or choose other content to link to.

Edit and delete links

To change or modify the properties of a link, click on it and choose the Edit link icon. You can change the website or content, to which the link redirects, or any other link property.

To delete a link and its formatting, either:

  • Place the cursor on a link and click the Remove link button from the contextual toolset
  • Click on the link in the toolset and then choose the Remove link icon
  • Select the link text and use the CTRL+SHIFT+K combination on the keyboard

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