Extend the forms TextField

MVC forms contain all most common fields that you need to build your form. Although you can adjust almost every setting in the designer, you may want to extend the business logic behind some of these default fields. This tutorial will demonstrate how to extend a TextField. You can use similar methodology to extend any other MVC form field.

First, you create a new class that represents you new business logic for the TextField form field:

Create a CustomTextFieldModel class that inherits from the default TextFieldModel.cs. In this example, you set a default CSS class for all TextField form fields:

Next, replace the original implementation of the TextField form field model with the new model.
You do this using the Bootstrapper.Bootstrapper event. Place the following code in your Global.asax file:

As a result, you changed the default behavior of all form fields due to the many virtual implementations of all controller methods and model methods.

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