Customize form widgets

When working with MVC forms, you use form fields and elements to design the form. Form fields facilitate collecting user input and persisting the input in the response. Form elements do not facilitate user input. They display visual, non-input helper information within the form or to make use of features such as page breaks, navigation, captcha, and so on. The following picture demonstrates the difference between form fields and elements:

Form fields and elements


You can customize fields and elements to suit the requirements of your forms. To do this, you use Sitefinity CMS MVC abstract classes and interfaces:

  Model abstract class  Model interface  Controller abstract class  Controller interface 
Fields  FormFieldModel  IFormFieldModel 

where T: IFormFieldModel 

where T: IFormFieldModel and IFormFieldControl 
Elements FormElementModel  IFormElementModel  FormElementControllerBase<T>
where T: IFormElementModel 
where T: IFormElementModel 

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