Sitefinity JavaScript SDK

Install Sitefinity JS SDK

Install Sitefinity CLI from Sitefinity’s GitHub repository » Sitefinity CLI.

To start using the SDK in your custom JavaScript or TypeScript application, in Sitefinity CLI, run:
npm i @progress/sitefinity-webservices-sdk

Get started

PREREQUISITES: You must have configured a web service.
For more information, see Setup a service.

Sitefinity JS SDK uses the sitefinity object as an entry point for its functions. 
The constructor of the sitefinity object takes a parameter options.

This parameter has properties, such as:

  • serviceUrl
  • siteId
  • handlers
    The handlers property offers a success and failure callback functions that are executed on each request that the current instance of the Sitefinity object handles. You can use these callback functions for error logging, performance logging, refreshing an authentication token, etc. 

Following is an example of how to instantiate the sitefinity object:

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