Personalization and tracking


Sitefinity .NET Core Renderer uses the Layout service to support the following features out-of-the-box:


Personalizing widgets, or creating different versions of pages, is a way to present targeted content that reflects the visitor’s context and segment.

You personalize .NET Core pages and widgets the same way you personalize other Sitefinity pages and widgets. For more information, see Personalization.

The New page editor supports both:


Tracking consent

Tracking consent enables you to stop tracking particular users, using cookies, if the user has not explicitly allowed tracking. Tracking consent works by displaying a Tracking consent dialog to the user the first time the users interacts with a site from a particular domain.

For more information, see Tracking consent.

Sitefinity Insight tracking

By connecting your Sitefinity CMS instance to the Sitefinity Insight, you empower your marketing and sales teams to track user behavior on your site, visualize data in meaningful reports, and profile your audience to create impactful content and succeed in your company’s business and marketing goals.

For more information, see Sitefinity Insight.

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