Insert and remove hyperlinks


Use hyperlinks to forward the reader of the text to specific websites, documents, other places in the text, or an e-mail address. You can also write tooltips. You use the Hyperlink Manager to set such hyperlinks, anchors in text, and tooltips.

To set and remove hyperlinks, use the following buttons, which are part of the basic display mode of the toolbar:

Set a hyperlink to a webpage

You can create hyperlinks which target web resources or email addresses.

Perform the following:

  1. Select a word or phrase, which you want to make a hyperlink.
  2. Click Create a link or press CTRL+K.
    The Insert a link page appears.
  3. In Link to... input field, enter the address of the webpage or the email, which you want to reference.
    If you refer to a web page and include query parameters or anchor to content, their values are reflected in the input field More options » Query parameters and More options » Anchor, where you can edit them.
    For example, or
  4. Alternatively, click Select page or content to choose from existing Sitefinity CMS resources.
    The Select page or content item page appears. On this page, to select the type of the resource you want to link to, click the Content type » Edit (Edit) button and select the resource from the list. To confirm your choice, click Use selected.
  5. In the Text to display input field, enter the name of the link as you want it to appear on your webpage.
    By default, the word or phrase that you have selected appears in the field. You can change the word that appears as a hyperlink on your webpage.
  6. Click Open this link in a new window checkbox if you want to open the content in a new window..
  7. In More options » Tooltip input field, you can enter a tooltip text that appears as the user hovers over the hyperlink.
  8. When finished, click Insert link.
    The system sets the hyperlink and changes its formatting.

Edit a hyperlink

To edit a hyperlink, click the hyperlink and from the context menu select DotNetCore8 (Edit).
The Edit link page opens.
For more information, see the respective procedure above.

Remove a hyperlink

To remove a hyperlink to a webpage, a specific anchor in the text, or an e-mail address, click on the hyperlinked word or phrase, and select netlink (Remove link).

The system removes the link and the formatting.

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