Extend the model of built-in widgets


You can extend widget models to modify widgets implementation.

The following example demonstrates how to extend the model of the Navigation widget and thus modify the widget's display settings. You first implement a custom model that represents page nodes with descriptions and then modify the widget's view to use the new model.

Implement the custom model

First, in the Mvc/Models/Navigation folder you create a new view model that represents a page node. The model inherits from the default model, so it is usable. Add an extra Description property to the model:

As a result, the new model extracts page descriptions.

Next, you create a new model that is aware of the custom view model. The new navigation model inherits from the default model and exposes the same constructors. You then override the InstantiateNodeViewModel method and its overloads in the new model:

Modify the view to use the new view model

You use the NavigationView.Tabs view as a starting point. Wherever page nodes are enumerated, make sure to specify the new view model class and print the node's Description:

Rebind the model to the new implementation

You finally replace the original implementation of the Navigation widget model with the new model. You do this using Bootstrapper.Bootstrapped event. Place the following code in your Global.asax file:

List of built-in widget models

Interface Implementation
IBlogModel BlogModel
IBlogPostModel BlogPostModel
ICardModel CardModel
ICommentsModel CommentsModel
IContentBlockModel ContentBlockModel
IDynamicContentModel DynamicContentModel
ISubscribeFormModel SubscribeFormModel 
IUnsubscribeFormModel UnsubscribeFormModel
IEventModel EventModel
IEventSchedulerModel EventSchedulerModel
  • ICaptchaModel
  • ICheckboxesFieldModel
  • IDropdownListFieldModel
  • IFileFieldModel
  • IHiddenFieldModel
  • IMultipleChoiceFieldModel
  • INavigationFieldModel
  • IPageBreakModel
  • IParagraphTextFieldModel
  • ISectionHeaderModel
  • ISubmitButtonModel
  • ITextFieldModel
  • IFormFieldModel
  • CaptchaModel
  • CheckboxesFieldModel
  • DropdownListFieldModel
  • FileFieldModel
  • HiddenFieldModel
  • MultipleChoiceFieldModel
  • NavigationFieldModel
  • PageBreakModel
  • ParagraphTextFieldModel
  • SectionHeaderModel
  • SubmitButtonModel
  • TextFieldModel
  • FormFieldModel
IAccountActivationModel AccountActivationModel
IChangePasswordModel ChangePasswordModel
ILoginFormModel LoginFormModel
ILoginStatusModel LoginStatusModel
IProfileModel ProfileModel
IRegistrationModel RegistrationModel
IUsersListModel UsersListModel
IEmbedCodeModel UsersListModel
IJavaScriptModel JavaScriptModel
IStyleSheetModel StyleSheetModel
IListsModel ListsModel
IDocumentModel DocumentModel
IDocumentsListModel DocumentsListModel
IImageModel ImageModel
IImageGalleryModel ImageGalleryModel
IVideoModel VideoModel
IVideoGalleryModel VideoGalleryModel
INavigationModel NavigationModel
INewsModel NewsModel
IFeedModel FeedModel
ISearchBoxModel SearchBoxModel
ISocialShareModel SocialShareModel
IFlatTaxonomyModel FlatTaxonomyModel
IHierarchicalTaxonomyModel HierarchicalTaxonomyModel

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