Duplicate pages

If you have similar pages on your site, you can use the Duplicate function for pages. 

If you have personalized versions of the page you want to duplicate, these versions are not duplicated.
For more information, see Create a personalized version of a page.

When duplicating a page, you can duplicate the whole page hierarchy or change the page’s location in the hierarchy.

If you have multiple language versions of a page, you duplicate each translation of the page separately. You select the language that you want to duplicate from the Languages dropdown menu on the right. For more information, see Administration: Language settings.
: When duplicating a multilingual page, even if you duplicate all language versions of the page, the pages are duplicated as separate items.

You can also duplicate a page in a language in which the page does not have a translation. Thus, you can just edit and translate the duplicated page in the required language without having to create the page from scratch.

To duplicate a page or a translation of a page, perform the following:

  1. On Pages page, click the Actions link of the page you want to duplicate and click Duplicate.
    The Create a page page appears containing all the properties of the page you are duplicating.
  2. You can change some properties or create the duplicate page with the same properties.
    : You must change the URL of the duplicated page, because you cannot have more than one page with the same URL. You can do that either by changing the name of the new page or by clicking Change button under URL and entering a new URL for the duplicated page.
  3. Click one of the following:
    • Create and go to add content
      The page opens in page editing mode. It has the same content as the original page. You can change the content and save the page in different status.
    • Create and return to Pages
      The duplicate page you have created has the same content as the original page and is saved in status Draft, regardless of the status of the original page.

For more information, see Create a page.

For more information about duplicating pages in multisite environment, see Share pages.

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