Duplicate page templates

You can duplicate an existing template and save it with a different name. This is useful when you want to have similar templates and do not want to create them from scratch.

When you duplicate a template, Sitefinity CMS copies its layout, all the widgets and their configuration, the responsive design settings, the template’s permissions, and all the template’s settings. If a widget inside the template is branched, it is also branched inside the duplicated template. For more information, see Template widgets editable in pages.

Perform the following:

  1. Click Design » Page Templates.
  2. Click the Actions link of the template that you want to duplicate and click Duplicate.
  3. Enter a name for the template that is different from the original template.
  4. In Name used in the code (for developers), add a unique name for the template.
  5. Click Create.
    The duplicated template that you have created has the same content and layout as the original one and is saved in status Draft, regardless of the status of the original template.
If you want to share a page template in a multisite environment, see Share page templates.

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