Breadcrumb widget


You use the Breadcrumb widget to display the path to the current page. This helps your users to navigate the website and to understand where the page they are looking at is located.

Configure the breadcrumb view

To configure the Breadcrumb widget:

  1. Click the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the widget.
    The Edit window is displayed.

  2. Under What to include in the breadcrumb, choose one of the following radio buttons:
    • Full path to the current page
      The system displays the full path to the current page, starting from the homepage.
    • Path starting from a specific page...
      The system displays the path from a selected page to the current page.
      • Click the Select a page button.
      • Select a page from the selector and click Done selecting.
        You must select a page that is a parent of the current page.
  3. Choose whether you want to:
    • Show Home page link
      Displays the home page at the beginning of the breadcrumb.
    • Show Current page in the end of the breadcrumb
      This displays the current page as a link at the end of the breadcrumb.
    • Show Group pages in the breadcrumb
      A group page is a container for pages and does not have its own content. It redirects to its first child page.

Advanced settings

In the Advanced settings, you specify individual properties of the widget, that is, the TemplateName. The template name gets the template you chose in the Breadcrumb template dropdown menu.

Model settings

Model settings display all properties directly bound to the Breadcrumb widget model. Access these properties by clicking the Model button in Advanced settings.

  • AllowVirtualNodes
    Set the value to true if you want the currently opened content item to be shown in the breadcrumb of a detail view.
  • BreadcrumbIncludeOption
    Select one of the following values:
    • CurrentPageFullPath
      The system displays the full path to the current page, starting from the homepage.
    • SpecificPagePath
      In case you want the breadcrumb to start from a specific path. You must provide a valid GUID (ID) in the StartingPageId field.
  • CssClass
    Gets and sets an additional CSS class to the view.
  • ShowCurrentPageInTheEnd
    To display the current page as a link at the end of the breadcrumb, set the value to true.
  • ShowGroupPages
    To display group pages as a link in the breadcrumb, set the value to true.
  • ShowHomePageLink - This displays the home page at the beginning of the breadcrumb if this field is set to true.
  • SiteMapProviderName
    The name of the site map provider that will be used for loading the sitemap.
  • StartingPageId
    Enter a valid GUID (ID) that represents the page which will be displayed in the start of the breadcrumb.

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