Open Graph settings

Open Graph is a protocol that enables you to display Sitefinity CMS content items via the MVC widgets on social network as rich objects. For example, if you paste a link of the detailed view of a News item on Facebook, you can configure an Open Graph title, description, and image for this News item. The link will be automatically rendered on Facebook with the specified properties.

Supported types

The following build-in types support the Open Graph protocol:

  • Pages
  • Blog posts (MVC)
  • Document list (MVC)
  • Events (MVC)
  • Image gallery (MVC)
  • List (MVC)
  • News (MVC)
  • Video Gallery (MVC)

All dynamic content MVC widgets support Open Graph protocol, too.

NOTE: By default, Open Graph protocol is turned off for all sites created with a Sitefinity CMS 10.1 and below and turned on for all sites, created with Sitefinity CMS 10.2 and above. Even after an upgrade to Sitefinity CMS 10.2 or above, you need to explicitly turn on Open Graph. To use it effectively, you must turn it on and configure it for the above listed MVC widgets. If you turn it on, but you do not make any configurations, the content items will be displayed as Open Graph with title, site name, and URL only, without an image, video, or description. The title of the Open Graph will be taken from the content item Title field for static content types and from the identifier field of dynamic content types.

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