Sitefinity CMS login

  1. To login to Sitefinity CMS, open your website and in the address bar of your browser, after the address of your website, enter /Sitefinity.
  2. Enter your email and password and click Login.
    The Dashboard and navigation open.

    NOTE: If your project was created with Sitefinity CMS version 9.2 or lower and you have username, instead of email address, you can still use your username to login


  • If you do not have the proper permission to access the website, when you try to login the system displays a message informing you about this.
    For more information, contact your system administrator.
  • Depending on the permission settings of your website, your administrator may have not granted you permissions for all of the Dashboard sections. For more information, see Dashboard and navigation.
    In this case, sections, for which you do not have permissions, are not visible when you login. In addition, your license may not include permissions for all Dashboard sections.

NOTE: If you or somebody else is using your your credentials or you are logged in in another browser or device, you are displayed a message where you can choose whether to logout from the other browser or device and login.
You can choose whether you want to display this dialog.
For more information, see Administration: Configure the self-logout dialog recurrence

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