Generate access key

To facilitate secure machine to machine communication, you can generate access keys that can be stored and used for authentication. With the access key you can call services, trigger events, etc. in a secure way.

The access keys are tied to user accounts. Each user can have a single access key. To use the access key, you have to create a user with the appropriate permissions and generate an access key for that user. Access keys are generated one time only, so make sure you have them properly stored once you generate them.

To generate an access key:

  1. Create a user. For more information, see Create and delete users
    This user must have the appropriate permissions that are indicated in the web service. For more information, see Create a RESTful API service.
  2. Navigate to Administration » Users.
  3. Click Actions » Generate access key
    Make sure to copy the key, once you close the window it is not available again and you will have to generate a new key.
You can use the key with the X-SF-Access-Key header.

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