Create and delete users

Creating a new user

  1. To create a new user, on Users page, click Create a user in the toolbar of the page.
    The Create a user page appears.
  2. Select to which membership provider you want to register the user you are creating.
    This dropdown box appears only if you have more than one created membership provider.
  3. Fill out the fields.
    The username, password, and email fields are always present and required.

    NOTE: Sitefinity CMS passwords must be at least 7 characters long and is recommended to contain at least one number and one special character, for example, admin@3.

    Using profile types, you can configure all other fields, add or remove fields, or make them required or not.
    If the provider you have chosen has more than one profile types associated, they all appear on Crate a user page.

    NOTE: Some of the fields, such as first and last name, have been hidden from the Basic profile.

    You manage profile types by clicking Manage Profile types link in the lower-left corner of the Users page.
    For more information, see Administration: User profiles.

  4. If the user you are creating will have to manage content or settings, select This user can access site backend checkbox.
  5. In Roles checkboxes list, select the roles which you want to assign to the new user.
    The checkbox list contains all roles that you have created together with the Administrators role, which is created by default.
    For more information, see Overview: Roles.

    NOTE: After you have assigned roles to the user, you can change them. For more information, see Administration: Modify users.

  6. Click one of the following:
    • Create this user
      The system creates the users and returns you to Users page.
    • Create and add another
      The system creates the user and displays a new Create a user page.

Deleting a user

  1. You delete a user in the following ways:
    • Select one or more users and click Delete button.
    • At the right side of user’s details, click (Delete).
  2. In the dialog box that appears, click OK button.
    The system deletes the user.

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