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This endpoint is one of Sitefinity’s OData web services custom methods. Custom methods are denoted by the Default.{MethodName} convention.

Custom methods are one of the following:

  • Bound
    Bound methods require an entity to execute.
    In this case, FoldersRecursiveSearch is a bound method.
  • Unbound
    Unbound methods do not require an entity to execute.

The FoldersRecursiveSearch method can be executed for the following entity sets:

  • albums
  • videolibraries
  • documentlibraries

To run a recursive folder search, execute a GET request to the following endpoint:



  • {entity} is the entity of the module that you are working with. It is one of albums, videolibraries, or documentlibraries.
  • {itemId} is the ID of the library where you want to execute the method. It can be null.

The method has an optional query string parameter ?recursive=true. If you omit it, it defaults to false.

  • If you use the method with ?recursive=true, it will return all levels of folders of the targeted library.
  • If you use the method with recursive=false, the endpoint will return only the first level.

This method returns a DTO with the following properties:

  • Breadcrumb: Array
  • ChildrenCount: Number
  • Description: String
  • FoldersCount: Number
  • Id: GUID
  • LastUploaded: Date
  • LastUploadedBy: Sting
  • MaxLibrarySizeInKb: Number
  • ParentId: GUID?
  • PreviewItems: Array
  • RootId: GUID?
  • RunningTask: GUID?
  • Storage: String
  • Title: String
  • TotalLibrarySizeInKb: Number

EXAMPLE: The following examples use the structure of Sitefinity CMS Document libray. There are two root libraries – Presentations and Samples. The Samples library has one child folder – Large documents. If the FoldersRecursiveSearch method is called recursively, without specifying a parent, it will return all of these items.

Execute recursive search

Sample request


Sample response

Execute non-recursive search

Alternatively, if the method is called without the ?recursive query parameter, it defaults to ?recursive=false. The result will not include the child folder Large documents.

Sample request


Sample response

Execute a search with partentID

When you call the FoldersRecursiveSearch method with a populated parentId parameter, the method returns the folders only of the targeted library. This example uses the ID of the Samples library from the previous example – 13f352fe-5bcc-4374-a234-0376f68bebc0.

Sample request


Sample response

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