Create and edit forum posts

Creating a post

  1. To create a post, click the thread where you want to post.
    The Posts page opens, displaying all the posts in the thread.
  2. Click Post a replay button in the toolbar.
  3. Use the text editor to create your post.

    For details, see Text editor.

  4. When finished, click Publish.

Editing posts

You can perform the following actions with posts:

  • Editing
    To edit the content of a post, click its Edit link and use the text editor to change what is required.
  • Publish or unpublish a post.
    A forum post can be in status Published or Unpublished. Depending on its current status, for each post, the system displays a Publish or Unpublish links.
  • Mark as featured.
    To mark a particular post as featured, click its More action link and then click Mark as featured.
  • Mark as spam
    If a post is spam, you can mark it as such, which will automatically unpublish it.
    To do this, click its More action link and then click Mark as spam.
  • Delete
    To delete a post, click its Delete link and confirm the deletion.

Post counters

On Posts page, for each post the system displays the user that posted it and a counter for the total number of posts of this user. If a certain post is deleted the counter is not updated, because the purpose of the counter is to show the activity of the user, regardless of whether the posts exist or has been deleted.

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