Content providers in a multisite environment

Work with module providers

With this sample, you learn to use the following APIs related to module providers:

  1. Getting source links for the current site
  2. Get the module providers using the module name
  3. Get the default provider
  4. Get a specific provider - the News provider (built-in) and for a dynamic module (Press releases)


Enumerate all content providers enabled in all your sites

To enumerate all content providers and match them to the sites where they are enabled, perform the following:

  1.  To get all sites, use the GetSites() method and create a new SiteRegion class for each ISite returned by it.
  2. To get the active modules in your Sitefinity CMS instance, use the ActiveTypes method, then get the name of their modules, and finally - filter out the distinct names of the modules.
  3. To obtain the list of providers activated in a site, use the GetProviders method with the names of the dynamic modules obtained in the previous step.


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