.NET Core demo page


The .NET Core page demo is an example of how to build your .NET Core website, using custom widgets and layouts. You can use it to play with it or extend it, helping you to kick-start your .NET Core project.


  • Download and setup the Quantum demo website from Sitefinity GitHub repository. 
    Follow the setup procedure, described in the repo.
  • Download Sitefinity .NET Core demo Renderer from Sitefinity GitHub repository. 
  • Set up the Renderer to work with the Quantum demo site, using the Setup procedure.
  • Build the Renderer and start it.
  • Login with the following credentials:
    • Username: admin@test.test 
    • Password: admin@2

RESULT: Your Quantum .NET Core demo Sitefinity CMS and Sitefinity .NET Core Renderer are setup and you are ready to play and test it.


Custom features

The demo contains:

  • Two new .NET Core page templates – Quantum .NET Core, based on the _QuantumLayout.cshtml file, and Quantum .NET Core Article.
  • New .NET Core pages are grouped under the Net Core Renderer group page.
  • Mega menu custom widget
  • Custom section widget
    A static section that uses different container setups, based on Bootstrap 5 resource package. 
  • Testimonials custom widget
    It showcases how to use a dynamic module.
  • Document custom media widget
    It allows you to download a file.

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